timber windows south london

Timber Windows in South London – Weather Resistant and Durable!

Struggling to replace or get new timber windows? Don’t worry Rafael Gabriel has got you covered. We have a highly experience and qualified team to help you out with your project and all your queries. Quality and service are the pride of Rafael Gabriel Ltd. Our wooden timber-framed windows are known for their durability and quality. Made up of premium woods, our timber windows give a stunning look to your property. They are available in single and double glazed options that can be made to fit any window size.

Rafael Gabriel Ltd has a wide variety of designs and layouts for timber windows south London that can be customized according to the size, paint finish, and color. Our highly qualified team of experts aims to provide guaranteed services to our valued customers including the use of the finest architectural ironmongery and a long life span. Our wood treatment technology ensures that the timber retains its rigidity and moisture combating properties and that our windows are the weather and rot proof.

The windows at Rafael Gabriel are made by laminating multiple layers of wood together to create a stronger product. This offers a great deal of strength and durability of the windows and allows maximum use of wood and minimum waste. We ensure that there are no weak joints between glass and the wooden frame ensuring that it is fully protected.
Timber windows offer good performance against the harsh weather of London. Whenever you decide upon replacing your windows and doors, keep in mind the sustainability of the material that you choose for this purpose. Timber is known for having high thermal resistance and due to this, it is used commonly in all residential, commercial and industrial projects. Thermal resistance help reduces heat loss and provides warm homes.

Our timber windows provide excellent insulation with double glazed and triple glazed options. There is a wide range of colors and polishes available for timber windows for our clients to choose from. These environment-friendly windows enhance the aesthetics of your property and add style to your property whether home or workplace.
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